Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme

The CCC also liaisons with the Faculty during the Student Transformation Programme which is spread across three semesters; to conduct workshops, management games and mock interviews for grooming the students. CCC members ensure that any student who requires additional help, receives it from our exceptional Industry Mentors in the following areas

  • Soft- Skill Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Corporate- Culture Training
  • Aptitude Training (Quantitative/DI/ Reasoning)

a) Industry Mentors

  1. Sujeet Singh, Manager, Safeducate
  2. Anuka , IBM Education Counsellor
  3. Dewaker Goel, Executive Director Airport Authority of India
  4. Naveen Jhawar, Manager Recruitments, Manpower Group
  5. Anshul, Assistant Manager Manpower Group
  6. Vijaya, Recruitments, Manpower Group
  7. Mr Amit Singh, Trainer Safeduacte

b) Alumni Interaction

CCC understands that students may need to get a first-hand understanding of how the life of a corporate professional is different from a student’s after their graduation from college. To support the students’ queries and concerns about the corporate life, CCC invites its alumni for Interactive sessions with students. The students are encouraged to enquire and interact with our alumni so that they have a fair idea and expectation of the corporate life that awaits them once they graduate from one of our programs.