Training & Placement

Training & Placement

The Corporate Connect Cell is the hub of Lloyd’s T&P activities.

The Cell conducts regular mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews with Faculty Members and Industry Mentors to give the students every opportunity to develop their Confidence, Knowledge, Communication and Critical thinking skills.

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Placement drive begins in the second year of the PGDM course with our major recruiters visiting the campus from the Fourth trimester onwards.

a) Work & Learn Programme: On – Job – Training

Lloyd offers a unique Work & Learn Programme which provides On-Job-Training for educating our students about skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to succeed within a corporate set-up. During this Programme, also called WLP, students get ‘hands-on’ learning in a professional environment, wherein they learn to successfully apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical situations. Through our MoU partners, Safexpress and Manpower Group, we have successfully provided WLPs to students of previous batches and the process is underway for the current batch.

b) Summer Internships

An Integral Part of the curriculum, Summer Internships allow students to link theoretical knowledge that they gain through classroom teaching to practical processes utilized by various Industries and Sectors.

During the Internships, students are placed in organizations for a period of about 8-10 weeks, after the third trimester, on a specific assignment linked to their preferred areas of specialization. Students are placed for Summer Internship at Safexpress and its Client firms as well as with Manpower Consultants Pan India.

Under the guidance of Project Guides from the Industry and with help from Faculty, students are expected to submit a report on the given assignment detailing their learning and its linkages with management education.

This report is evaluated as part of the Program requirements and allows students to add a practical dimension to their academic perspective which helps them get an idea about possible future careers paths.

c) Major Recruiters