PGDM (Supply Chain Management)

PDGM – SCM encompasses courses, culminating in 117 credits, which aim to familiarize students with the concepts, practiced and trends in Supply Chain and Logistics through the following kinds of courses

Core Courses: These are compulsory courses offered in the first year.

Electives: The elective courses are offered to PGDM students in accordance with their specializations. The Major Elective Courses are compulsory and are taught by Industry Mentors from the Safeducate. These focus on imparting contemporary strategic and operational business knowledge to the students in line with industry trends. The Minor Elective Courses may be chosen by students as per their interest and these are taught by Lloyd Faculty Members who are specialized in the field.

Lloyd offers a unique Work & Learn Programme which provides On-Job-Training for educating our students about skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to succeed within a corporate set-up after completion of fourth trimester.

About Safeducate

Lloyd Business School and Safeducate Learning Pvt. Ltd has signed the MoU to facilitate industry and academic cooperation between the parties and provide platform to students opting for PGDM in Supply Chain management. Structured in conjunction with Safeducate, this program incorporates a dynamic curriculum encompassing theoretical and practical knowledge of Operations, Logistics and synchronization of Demand & Supply in highly competitive market.

Safeducate Learning is a leading training, skilling and consulting organization and specializes in the domains of Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive; launched by Safexpress, India’s leading Logistics management company, in 2007.  

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Courses & Credits - First Year

During the first two trimesters, the curriculum is designed to expose students to basic managerial principles and concepts. They are given a fundamental understanding of an organization’s functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Business and Financial Management through the 'core courses'. These lay the foundation for all the functional areas of management that help develop an awareness of the Business Environment and its aspects. From the third trimester onwards, students have the options of choosing Minor electives and start building their knowledge of the specialization areas. An indicative list of electives is given below:

Marketing International
Human resource Finance
International Trade
and WTO
Labour Legislation Financial Services
Marketing of
Multinational and
Transnational Strategy
Strategic HRM Working Capital
Industrial Marketing Mergers Acquisition
and Business Restructuring
Training and
Brand Management Export Management
and Documentation
Industrial Relations Derivatives and
Risk Management

Summer Internship

Summer Internship and its Report Submission are mandatory requirements for award of degree for PGDM students. During the Internships, students are placed in organizations by in Safexpress Hubs, for a period of 45 days, after the third trimester, on a specific assignment linked to their preferred area of specialization. For Summer Internship, Students of PGDM-SCM are placed by Lloyd’s Corporate Connect through their MoU partner Safexpress

Under the guidance of Project Guides from the Industry and with help from Faculty Mentors, students are expected to submit a report on the given assignment detailing their learning and its linkages with management education. This report is evaluated as part of the Program requirements and allows students to add a practical dimension to their academic perspective which helps them get an idea about possible future careers paths.

Courses & Credits – Second Year

During the second year of programme, the emphasis is laid on preparing them for a corporate career. The Fourth trimester is a mix of core and electives courses which adds further specialized knowledge to the basic principles taught in previous trimesters. By the end of the fourth trimester, the foundation is laid for the On-Job-Training which comprises of the next two trimesters.

Lloyd offers a unique Work & Learn Programme which provides On-Job-Training for educating our students about skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to succeed within a corporate set-up. During this Programme, also called WLP, students get ‘hands-on’ learning in a professional environment, wherein they learn to successfully apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical situations. Through our MoU partner Safexpress, we have successfully provided WLPs to students of PGDM-SCM from previous batches, where meritorious students were offered a paid WLP. The process is underway for the current batch in companies such as DTDC, Safexpress, Amazon, Flipkart, RCPL and Aggarwal Movers & Packers.