Modern Marketing

ModernMarketing-AnIntegrative approach of CSR, Ethics & Accountability

In the last decade, the face of Marketing has drastically changed...

Reinventing marketing

Reinventing marketing with collusion of Digitization in Management Studies

According to Professor George S. Day, (Professor of Marketing and...

capacity of Management

Building capacity of the Management students through Corporate collusion

Perfection in itself is not attainable, however if one chases perfection...

PGDM programme

A Collaborative approach towards Industry – Academia PGDM programme

Corporate readiness has become the centric issue for job prospects and....

Industry Integration

Challenges and Expectations in Academia and the Industry Integration

There are a number of challenges in the face of Industry-Academia.....

business education

Importance of implementing modern practices in the curriculum of business the education

Rightly so, Education is the single most powerful tool that can change...

World of Corporate

Grooming Students to enter the World of Corporate

At Lloyd business school, we understand that the first job is not just important in terms of career but is also a kind of launch pad into the.....

Digital Marketing

Growth & Scope of Digital Marketing industry in India

India, having more than 600 million Internet users (and growing) has digital transactions of worth 90 million happening currently and is expected...

Investment Banking

How Collaborating with the FinTech Industry can be transform the way of Investment Banking

The banking ecosystem is in a state of revolution. New FinTech entrants...

Business Analytics