Extra-curricular Activities

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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."
- Aristotle

Quality of Life and development of an all-round Personality are fundamental aspects that Lloyd emphasizes on right from the beginning of a student’s career. We offer our students the best possible facilities to assist their all-round development. We believe that a student who progresses though academic as well as Extra-curricular Activities develops in to an inspiration for their peers and society alike.


Lloyd Business School has a variety of clubs to ensure that each of our students has a group to connect with over a common area of interest. The Clubs incorporate the spirit of academics as well as entertainment and include The Dot (Cultural & Creativity), the Victorious (Sports), People Connect (HR Club), The Live Chain (SCM), Lloyd Signature (Editorial), The Money Lovers (Finance Club) and Top Liners (Marketing Club).


The campus has a huge sports field being used for various outdoor sports like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. and has a dedicated badminton court. A well equipped indoor facility for sports like table tennis, chess, carom, snooker, etc. is also provided to students as an opportunity to unwind after lectures. An annual sports meet is held every year to encourage the spirit of competitiveness and team building.


Lloyd is proud of its cultural diversity. Our students come from different parts of India and each student brings along a piece of culture which we celebrate at our campus. Our students, in addition to keeping excellence in academics also participate in extra -curricular activities, which build their confidence and enhance team spirit.