Launch of IBM Business Analytics Lab at Lloyd Business School

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"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."
Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

On 25th April 2018, taking our collaboration with IBM to another level, we launched our In-House Business Analytics Lab that marked the initiation of PGDM Business Analytics & other Executive Programs at Lloyd. The Lab has been designed following the world-class standards and the IBM s specifications, therefore, putting in one place remarkable technological aids to befit future Data Scientists

Mr. Manohar Thairani (President, Lloyd) welcomed the eminent speakers, Ms. Anuka Kumar (Manager Academic Partnerships, IBM Career EducationIBM India Pvt. Ltd), Ms. Nilanjana Singh (Managing Consultant, Watson Health & Cognitive Business Solutions at IBM),Dr. BabuLal (Executive Director-BHEL), Dr. Ashish Gupta(Assistant Professor, IIFT-New Delhi), Mr. Sushant Nigam(Vice President, DTDC) & Mr. Gautam Gopal (Director, Marketing & Business Development, TalentBlazers).These eminent people participated in the Panel Discussion themed Implications of Business Analytics in diverse Business Domains.

Mr. Manohar Thairani (President, Lloyd) in his welcome address shared his passion for Business Analytics and his vision of creating a platform for prospects of this new field. He further added, About 35,000 IT professionals in Noida region alone are looking for Business Analytics courses in order to augment their knowledge in this area, which means that there is a huge scope for exploration.

The panelists shared their experience & domain knowledge in terms of applications and scope of Business Analytics in their respective fields. Ms. Anuka Kumar (Manager Academic Partnerships, IBM Career EducationIBM India Pvt. Ltd)said, We want to build students with new age capabilities so that they can learn to apply this expertise in the diverse field they belong to.

Ms. Nilanjana Singh(Managing Consultant, Watson Health & Cognitive Business Solutions at IBM) gave an insight on how world is changing by leaps and bounds in terms of technology. She further added that, “Idea is not replace humans but trying to aid them in better decision making & analysis.

Dr. Babu Lal(Executive Director-BHEL) touched the aspect of how the kind of programs that were used earlier have become obsolete and have been replaced by contemporary & faster programming languages and data tools. We can now get a visualized picture of the scenario in terms of growth and identify areas which are lagging behind in development and why.

“In the dynamicity of the current business world, data and the derived information can bring about a 360 degree change in the course of the company, Mr. Gautam Gopal (Director, Marketing & Business Development, TalentBlazers) said. He also spoke about how it is practically impossible to stay away from the data and the kind of space it has created.

Dr. Ashish Gupta (Assistant Professor, IIFT New-Delhi) added the perspective of research in academics and how analytics facilitated the same. The academicians are now looking at the behavioral studies of various fields like finance with the help of analytics and arriving at the predictions & analysis of the behavior of the investors and other stakeholders, he added.

“The scope of Business Analytics in Aviation Industry is humungous owing to the new domains that have been added to this area like Retail Management at airports, giving world-class facilities to the travellers, effective Logistics Management and so on,” Mr. Sushant Nigam (Vice President, DTDC) mentioned in his talk.

The event was concluded by having an Open House session where in the guests and faculty of Lloyd posed some questions to the panelists and an address of gratitude presented by Dr. Vandana Arora Sethi (Group Director, Lloyd).