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College trip to Amazing Manali

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Starting off with the enriching, revealing, fulfilling, rejuvenating – the list of adjectives can grow rightly long when it comes to describing our experiences during our College trip to visit Manali. It is rightly the journey and not alone the destination that matters. The enthralling rush that we got on the first day of our trip alone told us that we would go back for more college trips as and when they are arranged.

Three faculty members accompanied us on the trip to arrange every aspect to our comfort. Not a single thing was overlooked starting from the campsite itself. We had great rooms with a beautiful view which made us actually want to get up in the morning - nestled amid the mountain slopes, with jaw dropping views, charming streams, fog surrounding the distant cottages and a scent of pines and freshness. Bottomline -- every individual’s bucket list should contain Manali as a “must do” trip.

Day one as we reached was already half gone by the time we settled at the camp. Even so, our faculty and Guide for the Trek – Netra, took us out for a short trek to visit the Beas River. It set a definite mood amongst us all to look forward to more. The second day was dedicated to visiting Jogini Falls situated high up in the mountains. The day started with a sumptuous breakfast before beginning on the day long trek. I didn’t imagine how much of a group effort it would take for all of us to make it up there. We learned the true meaning of achieving a goal through team effort right in between the mountain valleys – the stronger ones supporting the not-so-strong ones, making sure that the team and not just individuals reach the collective goal – all of these are lessons we will remember for a long time to come. And the effort was worth it. We had to hold our breaths for a moment at Jogni falls -- a secluded waterfall in the presence of almighty Goddess worshipped by the locals, and enjoyed the serenity of this place

The third day took us to Hampta Pass and it was time to play in the snow!!! The trek was difficult but our guide and the lessons learnt from the previous trek came in handy. This time we knew how to fill others with energy and enthusiasm as well as to stop in middle of the way and wait for the one who are left behind “just to walk together.” The end of the trek got us to Hampta Pass which was candid photography heaven. We took so many pictures and selfies to share with friends and families. We came back to the camp to round up the day with a Rock climbing activity while enjoying ladles of soupy magi cooked by our camp hosts.

The last day was reserved for a trip to Solang valley and pictures with traditional dresses with paragliders and snowy mountains in the background. We ended the day and our trip with a bout of River Rafting -- as a perfect avenue for out ‘adventurous spirit, it allowed us to indulge in some exhilarating rafting action in the Beas. Our faculty then treated us to a great lunch in a nearby restaurant where we said Good bye to Manali and our Guide Netra who by that time had become our friend.

We shall definitely meet again.